Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, everyone!

I hope you’re in as good a mood this week as I am. :green10

First, I AM HAPPY that we have new emoticons to play with.  If you didn’t notice, check them out now.  They’re themed, of course—all green for St. Patrick’s Day!


Second, I AM HAPPY that I’ve got just about the fastest gal on the web taking care of The Dungeon for me.  She always gets our emoticons swapped out pronto—sometimes even before I’m expecting them to go up!—which gives  us even longer to play with them. :green15

Third, I AM HAPPY that I finally buckled & finally bought myself Rock of Ages on both DVD & CD.  I just couldn’t stand it anymore, I had to have them!  And I’ve been listening to the soundtrack almost constantly ever since.  I also flip on the DVD any time I’m busy doing something like cooking or cleaning up so I can have a familiar movie & great music in the background. :green23

Fourth, I AM HAPPY that I got the chance to watch The Frozen Ground on the Torture Cycle.  I know that sounds like kind of a silly one, but I’d actually never heard of the movie before it started running on a free preview channel DishNetwork is offering this month.  When I saw that it starred both Nicholas Cage & John Cusack, I was intrigued enough to record it, but didn’t really think it sounded all that great.  Boy, was I wrong.  It was very, very good!  Kind of sad & disturbing because it’s based on a very gruesome true story, but really, really good.

Fifth & final, I AM HAPPY that I found some of my favorite goodies while I was out & about last week.  Let’s just say that my basement is fully stocked in case of the Zombie Apocalypse & I shouldn’t run out of IZZE soda any time soon.  Or allergy eye drops, which I’m betting will come in a lot more handy than one might think in a Zombie Apocalypse.  Just sayin’. :green30

See, happy. :green4

So how about you—what’s putting you in the mood to do a little Irish jig this week?  Share with us, so we can jig along with you! :green25



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  1. Lisa Errion says:

    Well, I’m happy because it’s still the weekend….. :green16 :green1 :green27 Love these cute emoticons too!!…..even the naughty one :green7

  2. Brooke C says:

    I’m very happy that my copy of The Bite Before Christmas, from your giveaway, arrived last week. I started reading it yesterday and absolutely love it! I had a really hard time putting it down and I’m already looking forward to some free time when I can read the rest. :green4 :green29 I’ve never read a paranormal romance before, but it’s so fun and witty that I barely notice that it’s about vampires. I’ve already bought Must Love Vampires, and I’ll have to read that next, since I know your vampires romances are so great! Thanks again! :green1 :green27

    • Heidi says:

      Oh, wow. Well, A.) I can’t believe it took so long to arrive. Usually things are slow because of me, but this time I swear it was the USPS. :green21

      B.) Add your comment to my list of happies this week! :green25 I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying THE BITE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, & am even more jazzed that it’s your first paranormal! :green1 My goal was definitely to create a fun, sexy romance that just “happened” to have vampires in it for readers like you who aren’t all ga-ga for the heavy duty paranormal stuff. :green14

      And C.) Thank you so much for picking up MUST LOVE VAMPIRES to read next—I hope you’ll let me know what you think of it, too! :green15

  3. Mary Kirkland says:

    I am happy that I received a free book in the mail yesterday and a couple of free samples as well as 2 coupons for a free snickers bar from a fb promotion.


    I am also happy that the new fleece bed I bought for my rat, Marbles came yesterday and so did the a couple of things for Easter.

    • Heidi says:

      Oh, I love coupons to try new stuff. Have you seen the commercial for Snickers bite-size where the boss comes up with the idea, but the secretary can’t hear him because of the crappy 60s-era intercom? :green13

  4. Donna A says:

    I am happy that I seem to be getting over the crud that has been plaguing me. :green25

    • Heidi says:

      Oh, I feel for ya, Donna. The Crud had me down for almost 3wks—1 sick as a dog, 2nd just trying to drag myself back from that, & the 3rd shaking off the dregs of it. Yuck! :green3

      Feel 100% better soon! :green25

  5. TamVans says:

    So many things to be happy about this week. Get the one big one out of the way first. So VERY happy that my dad finally got his port in and will start treatment in the next week or so. :green25
    Happy that my aunt and cousins came over today to spend some time with my dad and brought me a full grocery bag of books in the process. That same cousin I gave a copy of PROJECT: Runaway Bride to last time she came over, and she LOVED it!! :green1

    Happy that the Pineapple Dumpcake I made came out well, was the first time I made it and was a bit worried. :green8

    And last but not least, happy for a new The Walking Dead tonight. :green30

    Happy, happy Sunday everyone!!

    • Heidi says:

      Yay! Good week for you, Tammy! :green4

      Happy for you & your dad, that your cake turned out well (sounds yummy :green26 ), that you’ve got a new bag of books to devour, & that your cousin loved PROJECT: RUNAWAY BRIDE! Yippee! :green10

      I, too, am happy for a new episode of The Walking Dead tonight, but you know me…I’ll watch it tomorrow on the Torture Cycle at the earliest. :green29

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