Happy Sunday!

How cool is this graphic, huh?  Just perfect for the “Project: Passion” series & PROJECT: RUNAWAY BRIDE‘s new release! :cheerswedding

So what great stuff has been happening in your lives this week?

Well, the major cold snap we had a couple weeks ago managed to freeze my pipes, even though I’ve taken all kinds of steps to super-duper insulate them.  But it was just too cold.  But I AM HAPPY that I managed to get them thawed out without any nasty side effects.  (You know what I’m talking about—but I’m not going to say it for fear it might actually happen next time the temperatures drop into single digits. :animpeekaboo )

And I AM HAPPY that I have the best handyman in the world!  After I called to tell him about the pipes & asked for his advice, he showed up without warning to make sure everything was okay.  Then he stuck around until the pipes thawed & double-checked to see that there were no…er, see above, re:  “nasty side effects.”  Isn’t that sweet? :bunniesloving

While Mr. Fix-It was here, he actually installed a deadbolt on my office door, & I AM HAPPY to have it.  I don’t necessarily need that much security on that door, but it never stayed closed on its own, so I’d have to brace it with a free weight.  (Yes, I had a 5-pound weight up against the door to keep it closed, then had to move it every time The Kittehs wanted in or out from the front porch.)  The deadbolt makes it so much easier to deal with, & now I know it’s always locked, no matter what.  Unfortunately, I think The Kittehs figured out that it’s easier now to open & close that door, because they’ve been wanting in & out a lot more. :ropepig

I AM HAPPY, too, that I managed to get my new phones hooked up.  I got them for a really good price around Christmas, but they’d just been sitting there in the box ever since.  But I finally dug them out & dealt with the whole technology upgrade thing.  I must say, they’re really nice; the old phones were giving me a lot of trouble, & in comparison to the new ones, I now realize how out-of-date they were.  The new ones give me a choice of ringtones…audio Caller ID…a bunch of speed dial & phone book options…single-button voicemail retrieval…plus they’re remote, so I don’t have to fight with multiple wires all over the place.  I definitely think I like them, but it’s going to take me a while to get used to the classical music ringtone I set instead of just plain old ringing—I never know if the phone is ringing, I’m hearing things, or it’s just background noise on the TV. :loveslap

And finally, I AM HAPPY that I could help Madame Mommy Dearest with the dog she’s currently pet-sitting.  The poor baby (a rescued Newfoundland) is getting old & has a lot of trouble with her teeth; they’re worn down practically to nubs, so hard food is hard for her to eat.  But the owner doesn’t seem to realize how much of a problem that is & her attitude is, “Eh, when she get hungry enough, she’ll eat what I give her.”  (Do not get me started. :angryhearts   How would she like it if she had no teeth & somebody said, “All you’re getting is this peanut brittle—when you get hungry enough, you’ll eat it.” :animenope )  Anyway, MMD & I do not share that attitude, but MMD wasn’t quite sure what to do.  So I went out & bought some very healthy, very nutritious canned food for the pup, & also suggested MMD cook a bit of hamburger meat with the dry food mixed in so the dry food not only gets soft enough for the dog to eat easily, but has a bit of tasty zip to it to make her happier about eating her boring old bag food.  Word is MMD is watching one very happy big black dog right now. :sundaeyummy

And that pretty much covers it for me.  How about you—what are you happy about or grateful for this week?  We’re waiting to hear! :operarose