happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope you’re having a sparkling, marvelous week before Christmas!  (Can you believe it’s only 6 short days away? Yeeps! :whhhat )

So what wonderful things have been happening in your lives?

Personally, I’m happy that I’m not throwing up anymore. :sick   Had a very bad Friday after I inadvertently took a couple of pills too close together.  And you know, there’s no going back from that.  Once you realize what you’ve done & start to feel icky, you can’t undo it or stop the roller coaster of misery.  It takes so long for that stuff to wear off, too—yuck!  I did my best to stick it out & work around the barfing, but finally ended up just going to bed.  Then I had cats walking all over me going, “Mommy!  Are you okay, Mommy?  You forgot to feed us.  Wake up, wake up, wake up!”  So it wasn’t exactly a peaceful rest, but I do feel better now.  And surprisingly, when I finally did get up to feed the kittehs, they weren’t the least bit finicky; they ate what I gave them & were happy to have it. *snicker*

What I’m really thankful for this week, though, is that INHERITING HIS SECRET CHRISTMAS BABY seems to be doing very well out there in the world.  It is currently #3 on the Borders Series Romance Bestseller List & #39 on BookScan’s Top 100 Romances bestseller list.  (It was #92 last week, I believe, so that’s quite a nice jump. :thumbsup )

There have been no frantic calls from Galapagos telling me that Madame Mommy Dearest fell overboard during her pre-Christmas cruise, so I assume everything’s going well on that journey.  (And it’s not really Galapagos, it’s the Caribbean & Cayman Islands…but Galapagos sounds so much more fun, doesn’t it?  I just like saying it! :heehee )

A friend of mine also had surgery this week, & though she had a negative reaction to some medication & ended up in more pain than she would have liked, everything else went very well.  She also got the flowers I sent her, with no apparent trouble.  Which is a bit of a minor miracle given how much getting them ordered.  Turns out the gift shop in the hospital where she was having the procedure doesn’t do flower arrangements.  Have you ever heard of such a thing?  So I had to try to track down a flower shop in the same town.  Then they were closing at noon the day I wanted the flowers delivered (& when you’re having surgery one day, then getting sent home early the next, there isn’t exactly a lot of wiggle room, y’know? :crazy ), but said they’d “do their best.” Sigh.  It all worked out, though, & she is home & comfy again.  And I know that once she’s fully recovered she’ll start feeling better all around!

Last but not least, I am just happy to be hearing so much great Christmas music!  I know we could all listen to it in the middle of the year, if we wanted, but we never do.  So when the holidays roll around & I get to listen to unabashedly listen to it 24/7, it just makes me feel good.  I hope it does the same for you, too!

Your turn.  Take a minute away from all of the holiday hullabaloo to tell us what’s putting a smile on your face this week! :mistletoe


And now to announce our Free Book Friday winner:

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And stay tuned for upcoming Free Book Fridays…there’s more Christmas romance by Moi where that came from. :winkwink


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  1. Heidi says:

    Yeah, this was only supposed to go up hours ago. Sheesh. :sadheart

  2. Dee says:

    Heidi’s the angel again. 🙂

    To answer the wonderful things happeneing question: My team won a very big game yesterday [the smallest things make me happy], I’m going to see a Broadway show later today – Million Dollar Quartet – and I am excited Christmas is here!

    • Heidi says:

      Ha! You can have the halo, Dee, really. I was only the first to comment because I had to go in & *tell* the thing to post. (Even tho I swear I did it last night. :smash )

  3. Hollie says:

    Yep..she has the Halo today!! :angel
    Im thankful that I am almost over my cold! (hopefully) and that our son is home from college….we’ll see after we look at his grades if that feeling continues (which come out on the 24th..)
    and that I only have to work 2 days this week and then off until January 5th!! I LOVE working for the school system!!! woot woot!

  4. mary k says:

    Awww sorry you got sick after taking the pills, that sucks. Glad you are feeling better though.

    I have a lot of be thankful for right now. My soon to be sister in law’s test results came back and she doesn’t have cancer.

    My mom is out of the hospital and feeling better after having had Pneumonia.

    My hubby is coming home today after being away for ten days dog/house sitting for his sister. I did miss him..awww.

    My brother in law just found out he gets to go home for the day and spend Christmas with his wife and son. He has Pompe Disease and has been in the hospital for 3 years and usually only gets to go home for an hour on Christmas when the Ambulance company takes him there for free. (How nice is that?) We are so happy for him.

    Pretty good so far..

  5. Laura J. says:

    I’m so glad you are feeling better!!

    and what the FRICK do you mean 6 days!?!?!?!?! I only have 6 days to finish!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate finishing up this late, but I’m in a mood. A Grinchy sort of mood that I’m having a hard time shaking. The tree might get put up by Tuesday.

    okay–for some good stuff. I can finally get down my driveway after a small but nasty ice storm prevented me from leaving the house (and adding to my Grinchy mood).

    Our home gymnastics meet is over I can thankfully hand the mic back over to someone else until the next home meet where I’m apparently the only one dumb enough to take the announcer’s job (yes, I was told that’s why I got the job). Oh, and B’Girl had a good meet. Already making improvements in her scores and routines and she really had fun at this meet too!

    Heidi-the hospital I worked at didn’t do their own flower arrangements either. They got shipments everyday (or may every other day) from a local florist. Seriously, a hospital could make a ton of money if they actually had a floral shop located in the hospital.

  6. club penguin says:

    nice blog! thanks for the help.

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