Happy Hunk Day

Our first Happy Hunk Day hottie of the New Year…let’s make it a good one! :cheers



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  1. Mary Kirkland says:

    Now doesn’t this hottie look like he’s just begging to be chained up to a wall in someone’s dungeon? His hands are already over his head just waiting for someone to break out the cuffs…just saying…
    :icecube :booby

  2. Julieanne Reeves says:

    That was my first thought too. Well close enough. I thought he needed to be lounging back on an iron framed bed, cuffed to the headboard, but I like the dungeon idea much better.

  3. rjofus@gmail.com says:

    Wowza! Oh and I agree…

  4. Heidi says:

    Today’s Hunk is a very good boy. He knows to “assume the position” as soon as he enters The Dungeon. :pumpkin

  5. Holly says:

    Wow….nice way to start the year…..he has really sexy feet too. :cheers

  6. Quilt Lady says:

    Great way to start the year out. Can we see more of him~Hmm :brr :brr :brr

  7. Cathy Ward says:

    Call me crazy but I’d rather see him on a bed than see a bare azz sitting on a chair. LMAO

    BTW, author Lori Wilde announced on facebook that her blog was reported for having inappropriate material so she can’t promote her blog in any posts. Obviously you and she don’t share the same fans. Her stuff was always very mild, I thought.


    • Heidi says:

      Well, I guess if anybody ever reports me for inappropriate material, I’ll just have to drop FB. Honestly, some of the stuff I see on there is *hugely* inappropriate, but it’s never coming from romance authors or readers or reviewers. Half-naked men pics & naughty jokes shouldn’t count. :butt

      And FYI…it’s gonna get worse around here before it gets better. :booby

  8. Kathleen O says:

    now this is a :newyear … . He could really warm up a cold bed…. :cheers

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