go red for rhinos

Today is World Rhino Day, and StopRhinoPoaching.com has created a great new challenge to not only raise money but awareness for the need to protect this incredibly important endangered species!

The challenge is very simple and works as follows:

Either you donate $5 to a rhino conservation fund or you paint your nose red and publicly challenge 5 friends to do the same.  Your friends then have 48 hours to respond.  If they accept, they must either donate $5 or paint their noses red, and challenge another 5 people!

Personally, I chose to do both.  My $5 donation went to StopRhinoPoaching.com, & here’s my photo of “Going Red for Rhinos”:

 photo RedNoseforRhinos 1_zpsczikk6sb.jpg
(Don’t judge–it was late & the first time I used PhotoBooth on my laptop. ;P)

I’m not just challenging 5 friends, though, I’m challenging ALL OF YOU!  Come on, my Darlings—paint your nose red & post a pic to your Facebook & Twitter accounts…include these links…challenge your friends to join the challenge.

It’s honestly not that difficult.  I used some red frosting from the cupboard, & I’m sure there are many other things you could find to paint your nose red. :hmmm:

And this is such an important cause!  Did you know…

  • a rhino is slaughtered for its horn every eight hours?
  • South Africa is experiencing its worst poaching crisis in history?
  • unless we do something to turn the tide, this gentle, iconic animal will be extinct in 10-15 years?
  • public apathy is playing a major part in their demise?

Help raise awareness & save this amazing creature…& have a bit of fun in the process. :snowball:

So paint your nose, take a pic, & post about it everywhere you can think of…including here!  Mistress Heidi wants to see all her Darlings with red noses from something other than too much wine or overexertion with the Dungeon Hotties.

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