Friday Funnies


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  1. LeeAnn Pratt says: all three… :img2
    Yeah what could possibly go wrong having a nuclear plant next to a spider farm? Have you SEEN Eight legged Freaks? nough said! :img22

  2. Donna A says:

    I love Fridays in the dungeon. These funnies made me giggle.


  3. Dee says:

    The first one sounds like me in the sun. Even with sunscreen I burn then tan. It sucks. #2 sounds like a great supernatural episode.

    :img2 :img10

    • Heidi says:

      He he he. What could *possibly* go wrong? (#2)

      I’m with you on #1, too…direct sunlight & I do not get along. I’m like a vampire that way. :img10

  4. Pamela Cayne says:

    Okay, the spider plant one was pretty good–terrifying, but good! :img37

  5. Ruth C. says:

    :img2 Like the 2nd one best. Need a new Spiderman anyone? :img33

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