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  1. Ruth C says:


  2. Tammy B says:

    :lolol: That’s exactly how I feel. There is a certain person (not to name names…mom) that thinks when I’m reading is a good time to talk to me ever few minutes.

    • Heidi says:

      LOL Oh, your mom is clearly not a reader herself, is she? :aargh:

      Moi’s mama, on the other hand, is a librarian. While I was growing up, she considered reading being “busy”—I got out of any number of chores that way. :pool: And even now, if she starts to say something, then sees I’m reading, she’ll say, “Oh, sorry, I didn’t know you were reading.” :sunjuice:

      TV, however, doesn’t seem to have the same effect. She’ll start talking & just keep right on going, no matter what I’m watching. :aargh:

      • Tammy B says:

        No she’s not except for magazine articles. It’s very frustrating. At least my son loves to read. :reading:

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