Ugh. What a giant prize giveaway FAIL! :rain:

Huge apologies for not announcing the winner of Linda Winstead Jones‘s $10 Amazon gift certificate the Sunday after her March 14th visit to The Dungeon.  You know we meant to, but we sort of dropped the ball…then got sidetracked by Easter. :dizzyegg:

But we have a winner now & are only too excited to finally make the announcement… :bunnyhop:






:bunnybounce:  Dee!!!  :bunnybounce:

Congratulations, Darling Dee!  :bouquet:  Please contact me with your e-mail address, which I’ll forward to Linda so she can send your prize! :candy:

Thank you again to everyone for being patient & not throwing a fit when we didn’t do what we were supposed to do when we were supposed to do it… :ihatemornings:

And to Linda for spending the day with us, as well as offering such a great prize…

And to all of you for dropping by to visit with Linda while she was here…

You guys are the best! :giraffe:




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  1. Ruth C says:

    :bunnyhop: Congrats Dee.. :alice:

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