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You may or may not have noticed, but we’ve updated The Dungeon again! :wave:

First, we’ve got all new pics & quotes & funnies in the right sidebar.  Did you see? Did you take a minute to scroll through?  Did you enjoy them? :offtoschool:

Then—even more exciting :catwolf: —we’ve got new emoticons!!! :happywitch:

You know how to use the “more/less” click link in the comment section, right?  So when you first look, you’ll only see some of the same Autumn-themed emoties from before. :squirrel:  But click that “more” link & you’ll see all the awesome new Halloween-themed emoties we’ve added! :trickortreat:


(Of course, when I say “we,” I mean our brilliant web goddess :medusa: since Mistress Heidi & I are a bit on the techno-dummy side. :screamcartoon: )

So now you know. :givemecandy:

Take a few minutes to browse, explore, & play-play-play. :burningwitch:  And most of all, enjoy the new toys! :dancin:


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  1. Donna A says:

    :catwolf: too much fun :greeneyedmonster:

    • Heidi says:

      Yay—so happy you like them! :halloweenbatman:

      And, y’know, you’ve been the first Darling in The Dungeon a couple days in a row now, so you get the Golden Halo. No Angel emotie this time around. :zombiehand: Would you settle for…

      :fairy: or :happywitch: ? They both seem pretty happy & “good.” :givemecandy:

  2. Dee says:

    Like the new sidebar.

    :dancin: :squirrel2: :jumping: :happywitch:

  3. Brooke C says:

    Yay, new sidebar AND new emoticons :halloweenbatman: It’s a good day!
    :squirrel: :happywitch: :sexywitch:

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