confession #46

Attention Trekkies & Trekkers:

I have a confession to make…

I am not one of you. :green24

That’s probably not so hard to believe, considering I rarely (never?) talk about Star Trek-related characters, issues, & what not, & that I rarely (never?) post Star Trek-related Friday Funnies.

But would it surprise you to hear that I don’t think I’ve ever seen even one episode of Star Trek?  Not the original, not The Next Generation, not Deep Space Nine, & none of the movies.

It’s not that I dislike futuristic stuff.  I mean, hel-lo?  Diehard Browncoat Firefly fan over here!  And I absolutely loved the short-lived Space Rangers, if anybody remembers that show. :green4

But it may have something to do with the fact that I strongly dislike William Shatner.  I’m sorry, I know many of you—especially if you’re a huge Star Trek fan—find that blasphemous, but he’s always bugged the heck out of me.  I can’t even stand to watch him on those Priceline commercials. :green3

Now, though, they have these new Star Trek movies with the cutie patooty Chris Pine in the role of James T.,  & this may just be a Captain Kirk I can wrap myself around.  (Literally, figuratively—take your pick. :green7 )

So I’ve done something rather out of the ordinary…you know, for me.  I’ve recorded both Star Trek & Star Trek: Into Darkness on the DVR & I’m actually thinking of…gasp!…watching them.  Soon.

What do you think—will I like them? :green15

Will I really like them, so much that I end up kicking myself for not watching sooner? :green21

Or will I end up rolling my eyes & giving up after fifteen or twenty minutes? :green9

Whether you’re a die-hard Star Trek fan or have maybe just seen the movies for random entertainment purposes, let me know what you think of the films.  But ***NO SPOILERS***—I’ve gotta go into them with a totally open mind & zero expectations. :green8


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  1. Minna says:

    Did you ever see 3rd Rock from the Sun? William Shatner played The Big Giant Head in it. :green16 I’d say it’s worth seeing even -or especially- if you dislike William Shatner. :green22

    • Minna says:

      By the way, there’s also a Star Trek parody called Star Wrek, made by buch of Finns.

    • Heidi says:

      I *loved* Third Rock from the Sun! And while I appreciated his character (The Big Giant Head has been good for *so* many jokes in my house. :green13 ) I still didn’t like him very much in the role. He was, however, tolerable. :green14

  2. Mary Kirkland says:

    I’m a Trekkie, have always been one. Loved the original Star Trek, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise. I’ve seen all the movies and just watched Into Darkness and have seen the first movie as well and I do think you’ll like them. I think even if you’re not a fan of the series or spin off shows, you’ll like the new movies.

    “Live long and prosper”


    • Heidi says:

      You & my brother should get together sometime…he, too, has been a Trekkie/Trekker since birth. :green16 Funny that it didn’t rub off, huh?

      What you said is actually what I’m hoping for—that the movies will be new enough & “all audiences” enough to enjoy on an action/adventure level whether I’m familiar with or like the original stuff or not.

      Plus, have I mentioned Chris Pine…? :green7

  3. TamVans says:

    Before I answer your question ma’am. I have to do something else first…

    HAPPY MARDI GRAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :green15

    I’ve watched almost all of the Star Trek series and saw most of the movies 1st run at the theater. Not really a Trekkie, but have enjoyed most of the ST universe. The new movies are very high on the action sequences and probably a good way to be introduced to the characters. And how can you go wrong with Chris Pine and Simon Pegg? Hope you enjoy them. :green4

    Take care everyone, stay warm, and most importantly HAPPY MARDI GRAS!!! Laizzes les bons temps rouler!!!! :green25

    • Heidi says:

      Happy Mardi Gras, Tammy! And anyone else close enough to enjoy the fun! Did you eat yourself sick & get blitzed yesterday in preparation? :green15

      As for the movies, I’m hoping you & Mary are right—that they’ll hold their own regardless of my familiarity with the Star Trek universe. :green12

  4. Kathleen O says:

    I adore Chris Pine. I first saw him in thev2nd Princess Diary movie and I thought how handsome he was. :green16

  5. Jessica Lemmon says:

    I definitely *liked* Star Trek (the Chris Pine one), but I don’t remember loving it. I was more like “meh” and it isn’t something I’d watch again. :green8

    But, Chris Pine.

    Him, I like.

  6. Laura J. says:

    I’ve watched the shows, and seen some of the older movies but I haven’t seen the latest too, but even with that admission, I think you will like the two newest ones. I mean who wouldn’t like them. They have Christ Pine and Karl Urban?!?!?!? (You know, two of my boyfriends). And seriously, I have to say that the Karl Urban as Dr. McCoy is probably the BEST casting ever! Or I guess pre-cast? He sounds so much like older Dr. McCoy. Plus Scotty is more of a bad a$$ in these films and has a bit more Scottish personality. And then it’s also Simon Pegg who I would most like to visit Pubs with when I visit Ireland/Scotland etc.

    And have I mentioned CHRIS PINE and KARL URBAN?!?!?!?!!!!! :green7

    (and this might help you “like” the Shat a little bit more–he’s a big animal lover. Horses in particular. He rode his horse in the Kentucky Derby Festival Pegasus Parade as Grand Marshall one year. He keeps his horses in Kentucky)

    • Heidi says:

      Chris Pine *&* Karl Urban? Well, hot damn—why didn’t you say so? I am so in! I’d have watched them ages ago if I’d known that! :green22

      Shatner does get points for being an animal lover, BUT…if he were really an advocate, I don’t think he’d be involved in the Derby. No offense, I know you love it, but horses are treated SO BADLY in racing. I cringe every year when the coverage begins. :green9

      Unless, of course, he’s working to change that, then he gets total props from me. :green8

      • Laura J. says:

        I can tell you he has quarter horses. I don’t know how into racing he was. Most of the celebs that come from Derby just hang out and mingle up in Millionaire’s row. But also, even though racing has a long way to go, it’s better than it was. My grandfather was a jockey (never raced in the derby and even though it’s right across the river, I’ve never been). I’ve heard many stories. He kept my mom and uncles away from there. Not only was what they did to the horses bad, but what the jockey’s had to do to even race. I had the opportunity to hear Pat Day speak and it confirmed things that I had heard about what jockey’s did (he didn’t speak much about the animals). I believe that lifestyle that my grandfather lived to earn a paycheck contributed to his death. I know my grandfather loved and respected those animals and he taught me to do the same (before he went wacko!) If the owners/racetracks treated humans the way they did, I know it was worse for the horses. I’m not defending the industry because I still feel they are still only in it for the money. (It’s a rich man’s entertainment at the expense of the poor and defenseless).

      • Laura J. says:

        I think that was the only year Shat was even at the Derby. I do check to see which stars show up (you know, like my main squeeze Bradley) and I don’t think he’s been here since. Unless, he’s snuck by me.

  7. Ruth says:

    :green29 I think you will like the newer movies. I like all things Star Trek and have seen all the series and movies. Don’t like Shatner that much,but always enjoyed the other actors in the original Star Trek. Have you ever watch Stargate SG1? Richard Dean Anderson stars in them. He played on General Hospital and McGyver. :green7

    • Heidi says:

      Oh, I know Richard Dean Anderson—I only had *the* biggest crush on him during his MacGyver days. :green7

      I never did watch SG1, tho…& that’s after liking the Stargate movie very much. What’s that about, I wonder. :green3 Maybe one of these days if it runs in a repeat marathon on SyFy or such I will catch it.

      Sometimes I’m slow in catching these things; I have to be in the right mood or have space on the DVR. For instance, I absolutely ADORE Leverage, but didn’t “discover” it until its last season. :green21

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