cat vs. dog

In case you missed them on my Facebook page last week, these two videos are just too cute not to post again.  Just one example of the difference between cats & dogs. :laughingdog2

You do have to click on the links & go to another site to view them, but they’re totally worth it!

First, Le Chat (The Cat):


Cat Reacts to Seeing His ‘Dad’ Return Home After 6 Months

And then, Le Chien (The Dog):


Dog Reacts to Seeing Her ‘Dad’ Return Home After 6 Months

What did you think?  Which made you laugh & which made you cry? :lovemykitty



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  1. jay says:

    :laughing says the dog who gets all that petting petting and potential treats at the silly and strange cat.

    :smokin says the cat at that idiotic suck up dog.

    :rescued rolling eyes goes the human who loves them both. 🙂

    • Heidi says:


      My cats actually do come running when I come home, but I have yet to get a reaction like that sweet doggie gave his daddy! :kittyquestion

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