Are you tired of hearing all this exciting news yet?  :dance:

Well, buckle up, because I’m not finished yet. :devil:

Just keep in mind that I’ve been sitting on a lot of this information for quite a while, & now I have to get it out or I’ll explode!   So here we go with…

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Last week, I mentioned that my first project for Entangled is a three book series called “” for the Lovestruck line.  And I spent a fair amount of time gushing about how excited I am to be writing for Lovestruck, considering it’s the funny, sexy, quirky romance line, which is exactly what I love to write. :howyoudoin: So hip-hip-hooray on that one! :highfive:

But how excited would you be if I shared the title of my very first Entangled Lovestruck release & gave you a sneak peek of the cover? :peace:

Do you love it, or do you LOVE IT????!!!

As you can see, it’s not finalized yet.  Oh, this is what it will look like…the artwork itself won’t change.  But a tag line will be added, as well as the “USA Today bestseller” thing, because that is not something we’ll allow the world to forget. :howyoudoin:

So let me know if you think it’s as gorgeous as I do!  Or if you’re…you know…wrong. :grrr:  LOL

And if you have questions about the story based on the hints that the cover is giving you, feel free to ask!  I’ll happily answer as much as I can without giving too much away or ruining any future Big Reveals. :watermelon: