best seat in the house?

I’m glad you guys already know I’m a little quirky (possibly on my way to—to paraphrase The Big Bang Theory—“looking as quirky in the rear view mirror”) so this won’t come across as at all odd. :animlaughing

Last week, as I mentioned on Facebook & Twitter, I stumbled into a rather brilliant discovery.  After tossing the toilet lid cover in the wash & leaving it near the radiator to make sure it was fully dry, I happened to have a brainstorm:  Hey!  Why not using it as a cover for my Torture Cycle seat?! :snowmanheart

The seat of my Torture Cycle is probably more comfortable than most, but it’s definitely not like sitting on a cloud.  And after an hour on the thing…yeesh. :animenope

So now I’m thinking maybe I don’t have to be stuck with just a plain, fuzzy white seat cover, maybe I can glam things up a bit. :womanshopping

Here are some options:

(And this one is for Darling Mary, although I wouldn’t mind having one myself…)

What’s your preference? :buttwiggle


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  1. TamVans says:

    Ok, the Simpsons one seems to have the most padding, seems like that would be an added bonus. And sitting on a big donut would be incentive to remind me why I’m torturing myself working out. As for the other choices, I don’t know how comfortable I’d be with the thought of a Zombie or shark biting my butt, or snakes, spiders, or rats crawling on my hiney. And the cat’s face is just way to cute to sit on. :animenope

    Now will use some of that brain bleach I bought just for Sexy Fail Saturday and cleanse the vision of that last one right out of my head. Can handle any bugs or animals, but rats FREAK me out. Hubby even tells me when I can uncover my eyes during movies with any rats in them. :animpeekaboo

    Have an amazing day, have one more book to read then starting Supernatural Season 1. Someone who I know has great taste has recommended I give it a try. :balloongoingup

    • Heidi says:

      I know, right? I’m going to end up sitting on one of those hemorrhoid pillows or something. :animlaughing

      Hey, I freak out about spiders & snakes. Not fake ones, for some reason, but real ones spaz me out. So how did you handle it when the rats popped up in The Walking Dead?

      Yes, yes, someone *does* have excellent taste. :pinkdressshopper You are going to LOVE Supernatural.

      • TamVans says:

        My girlie confession of the day, when I’m alone rats still freak me out and give me the willies, but I can not panic as much. When hubby is here I totally lose it when I see them.

        And have you checked into a gel seat? They come in all sizes for bike seats and are VERY comfortable. :buttwiggle

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