are we done yet?

We’ve turned another corner on The Move.  Over the weekend, we finally braved the attic & what my dad used to all the gun closet—it was basically his room for all things hunting-related.

(Yes, it’s a shameful truth:  I come from hunter stock.  But fear not, I’ve put a dead stop to that with my genes.  My dad’s guns/bows/ammunition/et al can rot/rust/turn to dust before I’d ever let them be used to kill another animal. :squirrel2: )

I turned the “gun closet” into a walk-in closet long ago…until The Kittehs started creating chaos in there, dumping jewelry boxes, hanging from the bottoms of my clothes, & occasionally even peeing on something. :baseball:  So then it became a… :hmmm: …poltergeist room? storage closet? a room for my dust collection?

Whatever the case, I kept the doors on both ends closed & when I finally opened them again, it was like a white-out of dust flying everywhere, covering everything by at least an inch.
:shocked:  That is going to take some serious cleaning.

But the fact remains, I got in there.  I made a dent.  I started to clean & pulled out more stuff to load up & haul to the new house. And considering how long I’ve been avoiding that part of the house in my quest to get the hell out of here, that’s really saying something! :sunflower:

FYI, The Kittehs are so excited to have that room open.  They’ve been trying to get in for years, & now they finally get to find out what the big secret is!  I’m afraid they’re a little disappointed it wasn’t filled with mice or snackies or balls of yarn, but it’s still another part of the house to investigate now that it’s no longer off-limits. :dancin:

Next dent made:  the attic.  Oh, man, if you think I’ve been dreading the Dust Bin of Doom, the attic is like its uglier, dirtier, dustier, & more work step-sister. :windy:  Everything up there is of the never-expected-to-need-this-again (because I never
actually expected to be able to move) variety.  Boxes of books that I consider Keepers…filled journals…family photos & heirlooms.  And most of it is really HEAVY.  Good luck getting it down the ladder all by myself without ending up yet another house-cleaning casualty.

So far, I’ve only managed to drag out the lighter stuff closest to the opening. But still, I climbed up there, I got the ball rolling.  I no longer have to dread so much as approaching either spots while wandering around looking for anything else I could pack first. :squirrel:

One of these days…  One of these days, people, I really will be out of here! :dancin:


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  1. Dee says:

    Good luck!

    I am sure the cats love their new “playroom” anyway

    • Heidi says:

      Oh, they do! Last night—while I was trying to sleep, of course—Simon ran in circles through the bedrooms & the closet that connects them. He never knew that existed before & now it’s like a whole new world! :cheer:

  2. Donna A says:

    Be careful. Enjoy the discovery

    • Heidi says:

      LOL Thanks. I sure am finding things I didn’t remember I had, but it’s coming along. Lots going to Goodwill, thank goodness. Not looking forward to UNpacking at the new house, tho. Eep. :baseball:

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