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Happy news to share today!

I just learned that KNOCK ME FOR A LOOP has WON! Orange County RWA’s “Book Buyers’ Best” Award in the Single Title category!


INHERITING HIS SECRET CHRISTMAS BABY is an “Award of Merit” recipient thanks to Virginia Romance Writers’ HOLT Medallion competition!

Oh, yeah, that’s right…

Happy Dance time! :getdown

Love, love, love that these books are getting so much wonderful attention!

Huge thank yous to Orange County RWA & Virginia Romance Writers for such incredible honors.  Thank you, too, to all of the judges involved in both contests, who took the extra care to read entries with an eye toward rating the stories instead of simply reading for enjoyment.  And to the coordinators, who took time out of their busy lives to…well, coordinate.  Not an easy job, I’m sure, but it is very much appreciated.

Okay—commence partying!



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  1. Jane says:

    :flag Happy Flag Day. Congrats on the awards, Heidi. :cupcake

  2. Hollie says:

    YAY!!!! :getdown :getdown :getdown
    :chick :chick :chick :chick
    :flag :flag :flag :flag
    :claphat :claphat :claphat

    I loved them both so Im very glad to see them and YOU get the recognition you deserve!!! :bees

  3. Donna says:

    :flag Congratulations! :bigwow

  4. Pamela Cayne says:

    Congrats!!! Both *well* deserved!!! :jump

  5. Jessica Lemmon says:




  6. Heidi says:

    Thank you so much, my Darlings! I’m delighted, of course. Every time one of the “Chicks” books gets a little extra notice, I remember how much I loooooved writing that series—& want to do more really soon! And I XMAS BABY was so much fun, that brings back happy memories, too. Plus, look at that cover—adorable little baby butt! Who could resist? :tongue

  7. Laura J. says:

    :bigwow Of course we know how great those books are, but so glad that others are noticing too :bees and hopefully that means we get more great series, like the “Chicks”!!!!! :chick

    :flag I’m so glad you mentioned it’s Flag Day too. It’s one I always seem to forget about (maybe because we get mail and banks are open?).

    Okay….now show me to the hotties and the drinks. :drinkme

  8. Terri says:


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