a total fangirl moment

If I weren’t one of the slowest readers on the planet, I totally would have discovered this before now, but that in no way licks the red off the candy of my fangirl joy! #smiley9

Imagine my surprise only yesterday when I opened The Guy Next Door anthology & discovered that on page one of “Ready, Set, Jett,” the incomparable Lori Foster used MY NAME for one of her characters!  The hero’s sister’s name is Betts. #smiley19

I don’t know if it was intentional or just “one of those things,” even though I consider Lori a friend.  But does it matter if it was intentional or an accident?  Not the teeniest, tiniest little bit!  It’s totally cool, no matter how you slice it. #smiley14

If you’ve already read Lori’s novella, then you knew this all along.  (Why didn’t you tell me?! #smiley11 )

If you haven’t, then when you do get around to reading it, you can think of me. #smiley20   Just a little, though, because “Ready, Set, Jett” is extremely steamy, & I don’t want you thinking about me that way while Jett &

Natalie are getting it on. #smiley5

Deal? #smiley15

In the meantime, envision a high-pitched Squeeeeee!!! going off in my head every time I pick up this book, read more of Lori’s story, or even just glance at the cover.

It is Totally. Awe-some! #smiley1


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  1. Donna A says:

    I loved that story. But now you’ll have me thinking that too.

  2. Kathleen O says:

    OOOOH I read this book and I remember how HOT it was… #smiley14

  3. Dee says:

    Congrats! I always love finding a character in a book with my name too. That is so cool!


    • Heidi says:

      I’ll have to remember that. #smiley14

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen a character named Heidi in a book. They do use that term as a reference to call girls in L.A., tho. (aka Heidi Fleiss) #smiley23

      But that’s okay, because I’m actually a bit proprietary about my name; I *don’t* like discovering there are other Heidis out there in the world. Sorry, nope—they’re just going to have to change their names so I can go back to being the only one. #smiley10

      I *would* be okay with it if *certain* authors used my name for a hot, sexy romance heroine, tho—Lori is one of them. She has my express permission to do so, should the urge ever arise. #smiley19

  4. Ruth C. says:

    #smiley19 You need to read Susan Mallery’s ”Fool’s Gold” Series. She has a Heidi that raises goats and she makes cheese. #smiley15

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