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Now that I’ve ordered my copy & am sure they won’t run out of stock before mine is shipped :animenope , I’m very happy to share the news that Season 1 of The Walking Dead is currently on sale from Amazon.com for only $10.00.  (Unless they’ve changed it in the last few hours :angryhearts )

[NOTE:  I just checked, & the price has gone up to $15.00. But that’s still a pretty good deal, if you’re interested!]

Whoo-hoo! :pinkdressdancingwoman

I have to be honest—I really didn’t intend to buy The Walking Dead on DVD.  Yes, I love it, but it’s one of those shows I figured I could be content watching in repeats whenever it happened to be on television.

But the more I watch it, the more I seem to like it, & discovering Season 1 for only $10 sort of pushed me over the edge into Must. Have. :seesawkiss

I’m just going to start with Season 1, though.  I will not run out & overpay for the rest of the seasons.  In fact, I’m now looking at completing my The Walking Dead collection as a bit of a challenge:  find ALL the seasons for $10.00 or less.  Hey, it worked with Supernatural—I’ve managed to find all of the seasons so far (except for the current Season 9) for only $10.00 each. :animsidetoside

So if you’re loving The Walking Dead as much as I am & want a good deal on the Season 1 DVDs, grab it now!



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  1. TamVans says:

    You are brutal ma’am! I just spent all of my fun money on books. Will have to see if it is still on sale later. :animlaughing

    And about Carl, did you see #KillCarl was trending during most of the episode? You weren’t the only one who wanted to smack him around, or worse.

    And we get Darryl next week!! YAY!!!

    Hope your Monday gets better. Take care.


    • Heidi says:

      Ha ha ha! I was very much avoiding all things #TWD last night, but I’da been right there with the let’s-beat-Carl-with-a-zombie-arm tweets. Sheesh was that kid begging for a smackdown. I felt so sorry for Rick the whole time…like he hadn’t been thru enough. :angryhearts

      The S1 DVD set had been only $10 which is sort of un-pass-up-able. lol $15 I’d be on the fence, but after this last marathon might have been wrapped up enough to go for it. I still can’t believe you caught up so quickly. I love the show & general zombie stuff, but watching that many eps in such a short amount of time may have left me cross-eyed. :seesawkiss

      • TamVans says:

        I have to admit to some Zombie dreams as a result. But it was a nice diversion to real life. Now have to figure out what show to binge on next. 1st season of Downton Abbey, Breaking Bad, Mad Men or Game of Thrones? Decisions, decisions…

        And had hubby take TWD quiz and he came out as Rick, not a surprise at all there. I was Maggie, can live w/ that. At least I didn’t end up as one of the walking dead.


        • Heidi says:

          I have a lot of zombie dreams, but ironically they *don’t* seem to hit when I’m deep into TWD. Must be zombie withdrawal. :animlaughing

          And it’s pretty bad when dreaming of zombies is better than your reality. I feel ya. :angryhearts

          Hey, where’s this quiz??? I wanna take it? Of course, what I really need is a quiz that will say, “Why, yes, you would end up with Daryl as your Zombie Apocalypse hubby.” :lipstick

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