As I mentioned on Facebook earlier this week, the reason I haven’t been around much is that I’ve been hidden deep inside the bowels of my deep, dark Editing Cave.

Even though the main writing on PROJECT: RUNAWAY HEIRESS (Book 1, “Project: Passion” mini-series for Harlequin Desire) was finished a little over a week ago, this is the part where I have to sit down & start reading every word, polishing & revising where necessary.  It’s not a fun part, either, because I’m already so familiar with the story, I don’t want to read it again.  Plus, I always think there are sections that are going to need a major overhaul, & who enjoys that?  It’s like digging a hole in the ground for a swimming pool.  Can’t I just have the pool already? :cat

This time around, I also had the added task of making sure I got all of my British details & references right.  (Sexy Nigel Statham is from across the pond. :yummy )  Thankfully, a U.K. reader on Facebook offered to be my fact-checker.  Or rather, my fact-approver. *g*  So I’m feeling pretty good about most of my hero’s POV.

As time-consuming as all of that was, I’m happy to say that the story held together beautifully.  Better than expected, actually.  I could swear there were scenes while writing that made me think, “I’m going to have to go back & fix this.”  But on the read-through, everything looked great.

You know what this means, don’t you?  Apparently, I am like the proverbial shoemaker.  I do the groundwork during the day, then at night while I’m sleeping, little cobbler elves come in & fix things for me.  Either that, or aliens.  And you know what—I’m okay with that. :coffin

But now, finally, I am beyond thrilled to announce that THE BOOK IS DONE!  DONE, DONE, DONE!!!  Not just finished, but polished & perfect (well, you know, perfect-ish) & on Editor C‘s desk, where it belongs.

Whew.  I cannot tell you how happy I am to have this one turned in.  As I mentioned before, it was a rough project to complete.  Not the story itself, but just getting. it. written.

And now that it is, I get to take a short breather, maybe a nap.  Then it’s back to work.  Book 2 is already calling to me. :lipstick