So here’s the Good News I’ve been sitting on for nearly a week now. And it has not been easy to keep it under wraps, either, believe me! :surrprisse

I have just been invited to write one of the books in another continuity series for Harlequin Desire. :dancing

It happened pretty simply:  I got a phone call from Agent Extraordinaire saying he’d just gotten off the phone with Editor C.  Editor C wanted to know if I would be willing to push back the Desire I was supposed to write next (a stand-alone of my own—hey, that rhymes :tpspspspt ) to participate in another multi-author continuity instead.

Well, sure, says I!  They gave me absolutely no details…what the continuity was going to be about (another “Dynasties” series? a “Texas Cattleman’s Club”? something set at a pro golf tournament? behind the scenes at a soap opera?), what my story was going to be about, not even what other authors were going to be involved.  But I tend to be game for (almost) anything, especially where Desire is concerned, so I said sure.

What they did tell me was that I would be doing Book #4 of the 6-book series & that my story would be out in April 2012.  (Go ahead—mark your calendars now.  Doesn’t matter what the book is about, you know you’re going to love it. :winkwink )

Jump ahead a few days, though, & I’ve received the bible for this continuity, so now I do have details.  The authors I’ll be working with this time are (in no particular order) Kathie DeNosky, Day Leclaire, Jennifer Lewis, Rachel Bailey, & Tessa Radley.  And the series is, indeed, another installment of the ongoing “Dynasties” continuities—whoo-hoo!  I love these!  This time, it’s “Dynasties:  The Kincaids”…don’t you just love that name? I do!

New money. New passions. Old secrets.  The Kincaids are a wealthy Southern family based in Charleston, South Carolina, which means I’ve gotta start dusting off my y’alls & fiddle-dee-dees.  Oh, yeah, you can expect some uber-fun blog posts when this book comes out.  I’ve already got a joke, a recipe, & a giveaway in mind. :gotcha

So that’s the news I’ve been teasing you with for so long. Now it’s time to celebrate!