Avast, ye mateys!  sexy pirate Pictures, Images and PhotosToday is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!  If you don’t believe me, check out TalkLikeaPirate.com.  (See, I don’t (always) make this stuff up. :pirate: )

I have to admit, I was a little worried we’d miss being able to celebrate such a noble holiday this year, but now that The Dungeon is once again firmly under the point of Captain Mistress Heidi’s dagger & cutlass-sharp boot heel, we can get back to partying like it’s 1799.

So first, I offer ye scalawags a boon from me very own vast treasure chest.  The first five privateers willing to walk the plank & throw themselves into the spirit of talking like an extra on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean *snicker* will receive a Eye patch Pictures, Images and Photossimply awesome skull & crossbones eye patch. Just like the one Captain Mistress Heidi wears when she’s weary of looking at her sorry shipmates. :ZZZ: (If only they made such cute earplugs, too, huh?)

Bonus points go to any sailor(ette) willing to share a daguerrotype (that would be an old-fashioned photograph) of themselves dressed in pirate garb. For that, Captain Mistress Heidi will dig even deeper into her booty box (yeah, yeah, you heard me) for yet another fun pirated—I mean pirate—prize.

Second, I offer you a galleon of inspiration that might just get you talking like a pirate, whether you want to or not. Or, as Captain Mistress Heidi calls it, booty of another sort. :pirate:

Let the aargh-ing begin!